Friday, February 4, 2011

Blizzard 2011

As our first official Blog, I figured I would take a second to reflect on the week that we just completed.  As a Chicagoan my entire life, I can officially say that I have never seen snow like we experienced this week.  Awaking to 21.1 inches of snow Wednesday Morning with drifts from 4 to 6 ft in various parts of my yard, to say that I was in a bit of shock would be an understatment. 

Since this is a Business/Insurance/Auto Physical Damage Blog, I can proudly say that Nationwide Appraisals "weathered" the storm, even with our internet and phones down for most of the day, we managed to continue operating via cell phones and cell internet service and didn't miss a beat.

Which brings me to my final thought......  Does severe weather with extensive warning limit the exposure to Auto Losses?  The reason I ask this, is that even after most of the country suffering some type of poor weather event, our claim volume still stayed relatively flat.  With most weather realated events, we typically can expect a small increase in volume, however with this event (at least in Chicago), I think most people stayed indoors and limited their exposure to the elements.

Well thats all for now and hopefully we won't see another "Snowpocalypse" for some time.


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